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All 2016 Albion Place dates open for booking

Having taken over 200 bookings in our first week we are now full on many dates for produce traders and on some for jewellers and candles, with a number of markets well over half full already. If you're looking to trade with us this year please don't delay in placing your bookings.

For the most up to date information about the current bookings situation please see our 'events page'

Please sumbit your Membership Form prior to booking

Hello and welcome to Artsmix

Here at Artsmix it’s our mission to connect people through creativity.

We do this by providing opportunities for artists, crafters, designers and creative food producers to share their amazing talents with the world, mainly through our regular Saturday Arts, Crafts and Produce Market at Albion Place in the centre of Leeds.

Whether you’re a creative person who is producing something original, someone who is looking to visit a truly original creative event or you’re interested in getting involved with Artsmix, our website is here to help. Please also visit our Facebook page where you'll find a wider range of images of our market and our fabulous traders.

For full trader details please see the 'Artists Info' Section of this website, where you'll find plenty of information.


2016 @ Albion Place

We start trading as from Saturday the 9th of April (after the clocks go back), trading fortnightly from April to October and then weekly from the 5th of November through to the 17th of December. 

To mix things up a bit and to try and satisfy the heavy demand leading up to Christmas 2016 we have also added two Sundays in November when there isn't a Farmers Market, which are the 13th and 27th - the latter being 'Black Friday' weekend.

As was the case in 2015 we can only offer a maximum of 3 stalls to food (produce) traders,and only have limited space for  jewellers, ladies fashion and anyone selling candles, so please don't delay.

All the best, we hope to see you soon,
Jonathan & Pete




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