Trader Information 

Please note: You can only trade original goods you have produced, designed or significantly upcycled at the Artsmix Market.

There is no cost to becoming a standard Artsmix member but you do need to be a member in order to be able to make bookings and trade. If you would like to apply to become an Artsmix trader please download, read, complete, sign and return the 'Membership Terms & Conditions Form' below, along with some images of your work.

If you are going to be trading with us on a regular basis it may be worth your while to consider 'Enhanced Membership', which cost £50 or £100 and bring a range of benefits including discounts and preferential cancellation charges - the limited number of Platinum Memberships are now all sold out. Please note stall discounts will only be given when 'Enhanced Membership' is taken out prior to stalls being booked - retrospective discounts will not be given.

Booking a Stall

To book a stall please first complete the 2017 membership form and attach all relevant documentation (insurance details and images), e-mailing your enquiry to We would suggest that you check availability in the 'events' section before sending any money over.

Note to new traders. Please download and complete the Membership, Terms and Conditions form and ensure you comply with the rules governing traders at our markets. Before making any bookings you will also need to supply us with some images of your handmade work as the first step of our quality control procedures and will need to forward details of your insurance cover prior to attending your first market.

Please select the following links for further information:

2017 Membership/Terms & Conditions Form

General Market/Stall Information

2017 Albion Place Booking Form

Market Day Instructions

Stall Allocation

Stall plans are generally drawn up and e-mailed out to traders on the Thursday afternoon/evening prior to the market. It should be noted that this is not a cast iron guarantee of your positioning on the market as last minute cancellations or other unforeseen events can result in last minute changes, though we will always do our best to ensure that any alteration is only minor.

In terms of general allocation, we do move people round the market, unless there is a specific reason why certain traders need certain pitches (if you have any specific needs or preferences feel welcome to say so on the membership form). Equally stalls at either end of the market are generally allocated to more experienced traders and to those whose stock is deemed to be the most visually enticing from a distance.

Stall Plan: 19 Stalls

Stall Plan: 20 Stalls

Stall Plan: 21 Stalls

Stall Plan: 22 Stalls

Stall Plan: 23 Stalls

Stall Plan: 24 Stalls

Stall Plan: 25 Stalls

Stall Plan: 26 Stalls

All stalls booked are subject to our Terms and Conditions 

Gusting Wind Cancellations

Your health and safety and that of the general public is our number one concern and as we appreciate that some trader's stock is quite fragile we have a system whereby if the wind is forecast to be gusting above 30mph (according to the Met Office) on the Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning prior to the market traders with vulnerable stock may cancel by close of business on the Wednesday and will only pay a £25* cancellation charge. If we cancel any market at the last minute (usually Friday morning) due to gusting winds being forecast over 40mph (which is enough to move stalls) we will also only levy a £25* admin charge. We do of course always try our best to keep traders informed of any weather issues as they develop, though would stress it is generally only strong winds that would see us cancel a market. If you have concerns please be sure to check the Met Office weather report in the time-frame outlined.

*Note, these admin charges are reduced for those who pay for 'enhanced membership'.

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