2020 Dates, Availability & Stall Costs

We have postponed the start of our 2020 trading due to the Coronavirus situation, it is now our hope that things improve sufficiently for trading to recommence on Saturday the 2nd of May, though this remains under review as we will await the announcement in mid April before making any firm decisions. In the mean time take care, stay safe and never let an opportunity to let key workers know you appreciate them pass you by. We look forward to seeing you in due course.

These markets are all on sale and the new 2020 Membership Form will need submitting by traders old and new before bookings can be taken. Please note any market bookings cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation are refunded/credited in full.

Our 2020 schedule is:

21 March: Cancelled

04 April: Cancelled

18 April: Cancelled

02 May: £65 – Fully booked, waiting list in operation

16 May: £65 – 3 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

30 May: £65 – 2 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

13 June: £65 – 5 stalls available

27 June: £65 – 3 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

11 July: £65 – stalls available and only 1 jewellery stall left

25 July: £65 – 2 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

08 August: £75 – 4 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

22 August: £75 – 2 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

05 September: £75 – 5 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

12 September: £75 – Additional date just added, good availability 

19 September: £75 – 3 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

26 September: £75 – Additional date just added, good availability 

03 October: £75 – 4 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

10 October: £75 – 6 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

17 October: £80 – 6 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

24 October: £80 – 4 stalls available and only 1 jewellery stall left

31 October: £80 – 2 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

07 November: £90 – 2 stalls available and only 1 jewellery stall left

14 November: £90 – Fully booked, waiting list in operation

21 November: £95 – 2 stalls available (all jewellery booked)

28 November: £95 – 1 stall available (all jewellery booked)

05 December: £95 – Fully booked, waiting list in operation

12 December: £95 – Fully booked, waiting list in operation

19 December: £95 – Fully booked, waiting list in operation

Availability updated 02.04.20 @ 17:30 

Your 2020 Membership Form must be completed, submitted and approved before any bookings can be taken. 

Download your 2020 Booking Form here

 Please note, new traders must also submit accurate images of what you produce/are going to sell along with your application form, as must any returning trader who has not traded with us in the last two years.

We pride ourselves in hosting an ever-changing market that offers a wide variety of original creative work that is appealing to shoppers and gives traders a great opportunity to sell, so we place restrictions on the numbers of similar ‘trader types’ at each market, as follows:

Creative Produce (food): 4 stalls – due to the number of traders selling fabric based goods no foodstuffs with a strong aroma can be sold at our market.

Clothing: There must be a clear point of difference between clothing traders (i.e. no more than one person on any market selling baby wear)

Candles and/or melts:  3 stalls – these must be self-produced, not bought in and must carry a (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) CLP label

Jewellery: 5 Stalls – as long as all 5 are deemed to be sufficiently different

Please note: We try to ensure there isn’t too much duplication, so, for example, we wouldn’t let 4 people all selling cakes or silver jewellery on the same market either, we also reserve the right to add other restrictions, should it be considered that there is too much similarity between stallholders of other disciplines.