Q:         What do you need to do to be able to trade at an Artsmix Market?

A:         You need to produce and design your own work, be fully insured and have submitted an application form along with images of your work and details of your insurance. We will let you know within a week if your application has been successful.

Q:          How much does a stall cost?

A:         From £65 at the start of the year up to £95 as we get near Christmas – if you take out Enhanced or Premium Membership there are also some discounts at certain times of the year.

Q:          Do I get my money back if a market has to be cancelled due to Coronavirus lockdowns?

A:         Yes, you will be refunded 100% of what you have paid, or can have the money credited to a future booking.

Q:         What is the footfall like on the day?

A:         Whilst we don’t have any specific statistics for footfall on a market day we are located in a busy pedestrianised part of the City Centre very close (50 yards) from one of the main (and probably the busiest) entrances to the fabulous Trinity Centre and Marks & Spencer. Even on a bad weather day there are literally thousands of shoppers walking down. The fact that a great number of our traders can be found on the majority of our markets confirms that there is plenty of passing trade, with money in their pockets.

Q:         How often are people’s memberships turned down?

A:         It is rare we would flatly refuse membership. We would like to feel we are supported of all creative people, so there may be occasions where we might suggest how potential traders might develop their work to better fit the market. Equally there may be occasions where we actually meet up to look at the sort of work you are looking to sell. Please note this quality control process is in place to be supportive and to give you the best opportunity to profit from trading with us. If we are in any doubt about the fact your work is self produced we may also ask for further supporting evidence.

Q;         Can alcohol be sold at the market if it is self-produced?

A:         No, we can not permit the sale of alcohol.

Q:         How quickly do the markets get booked up?

A:         In 2020 we sold 75% of all stalls in the first two weeks that bookings opened and 6 dates filled up totally, additionally before the end of February we were fully sold out for Jewellery traders on the last 8 markets of the year.

Q:         Do you operate waiting lists?

A:         Yes, once a date (or discipline) is fully booked we will run waiting lists and do not charge to add people to these as long as they have submitted membership forms and have been accepted.

Q:         What do I need to bring with me on the day?

A:         You need a base sheet for the trading table part your stall and don’t forget they are quite big – we would recommend something in the region of 10 foot by 6 foot (and note that white really isn’t a serviceable colour), also give some thought to other ways of making your stall more attractive. You’ll need to be sure you have plenty of stock as Albion Place is very busy and it’s a long trading day, some illumination for your stall (particularly essential in winter months) will help and think about money security too – a money belt is a much safer idea than a cash tin. Also many traders bring tarpaulin back-sheets for their stalls too to protect against the elements and for added security – though in heavy wind these would need to be dropped as they can catch the wind. Traders can also bring extra weights on windy days, as long as they aren’t trip hazards. It’s also a good idea to have some flyers or business cards too and it could be worthwhile updating your Facebook page before you trade too.

Q:         Can I access electricity on site?

A:         No, but you can bring your own generator if you need it and as long as it doesn’t cause an obstruction and it’s silent and non-polluting, though for lighting most just use rechargeable lights or run some off a car battery.

Q:         Where are the nearest loo’s?

A:         Most people tend to use the ones in the nearby Core or Trinity Shopping Centres, neighbouring traders will normally keep an eye on your stall for you.

Q:         Where is the best place to park?

A:         There are a number of car parks close by but as this is the city centre most are very expensive (£20+). That said it is always worth checking for special offers at The Core car park (right on our doorstep). One of the cheapest, currently £6 for the day on a Saturday, which is reasonably close (10 minute walk) is Trafalgar Street Car Park, LS2 7BF.

Q:         How big are the stalls?

A:         The actual table top is 10 feet wide and 4 feet deep – many first-time traders get caught out by this as many similar stalls are 8 feet by 3 feet (which is significantly smaller) please note this when picking a cover for your table top too. Full details of the stalls can be found in the Trader information section of the website, under General Market/Stall Information.