Twisted Little Flowers Jewellery

I’ve always been a complete Magpie when it came to anything shiny and I was always buying different pieces of jewellery, I eventually ended up with so much that I could have worn a different piece every day for a year!

When I was travelling in SE Asia as a Scuba Diving Instructor I met a backpacker who taught me how to make my first pieces of jewellery in exchange for learning to scuba dive. From then my inner Magpie took over and I made so many different pieces of jewellery that I had to start giving them away as presents.

Eventually enough friends and family started asking for custom designs to give as presents that the thought of trying to sell my jewellery didn’t seem that far-fetched; so Twisted Little Flowers Jewellery was born.

When I finally did my first market stall, I was completely unprepared and amazed myself by how well I did.

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